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Pilates & productivity: how are they connected?
Luglio 4, 2024

Have you ever thought about how Pilates can improve your work activity?

More and more studies are recently focusing on the importance of physical activity in our daily lives, mainly as far as our psychophysical well-being is concerned, but not only!

Spending many hours at work, often sitting at the desk on uncomfortable chairs and in front of a screen, often leads to physical discomfort and a sensitive drop in concentration and therefore productivity.

Here are some reasons why pilates could be a great ally:

It relieves stress: pilates works not only on the body but also on the mind: when we totally dedicate ourselves to physical exercise we produce endorphins, which generate a sense of well-being.
Furthermore, in pilates you work a lot on and through breathing and as a consequence the nervous system gets involved as well – after a Pilates session there’s no doubt that you will come out calmer and more relaxed than when you entered the class.

It reduces postural pain: neck pain, back pain, head pain … How many diseases can arise from sitting for a long time? Often, these are pains related to an incorrect or rigid posture. Once again pilates, which works on the deep muscles, and in particular the abdominal ones, can help us to feel better. Those internal muscles must be trained on a regular basis since they support the spine, and if properly reinforced they reduce all the bothering symptoms of incorrect posture.

Pilates on the whole improves creativity, productivity and self-confidence: a stress-free mind and a body, that we perceive as strong and capable, help improve confidence in our abilities, both on a physical but also mental dimension!
In short, the question shouldn’t even be “why starting pilates?” but “why not starting it?”

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